The Light in the Darkness

Have you looked at the sky at night recently? The sight of the glittering stars splashed across the dark canvas is simply amazing. Take a look at the night sky tonight. There may be something the moon is trying to teach us!

The sun, moon and stars have always fascinated mankind. Many ancient and even modern religions worship them. Unlike the fierce sun, the moon is a serene presence in the coolness of the night. It is our nearest celestial neighbour, our natural satellite and the sun’s reflector. The light reflected by the moon varies each night depending on its position with respect to the earth and the sun. Full moon nights are a delight to watch while new moon nights are the darkest.

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”*. He was the creator God in human form,  the source of all truth and goodness, just like a sun. Jesus then looked at his disciples and said, “You are the light of the world!” ** How could that be?

How can man with all of his inherent sinfulness and selfishness become a source of goodness? That’s a good question!

The Bible talks about the power of transformation – a transition from being promoters of darkness to reflectors of God’s light. For that to happen, as with the moon, we need to be in a right relation with the source. The right relationship with God comes when we accept his offer of forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ. Only then can we start to reflect His goodness. But we also need to be in a right position to reflect. The Bible asks us to be merciful to others, just as God has been merciful to us***. Look around and try to identify the areas or people where you can be a channel of goodness and love.

In a world with increasing hopelessness and darkness, God is looking for good reflectors.

The question is, do I have the right relation with God, the source of light and have I positioned my life to light up the darkness around me?

Look at the moon tonight. It might help!

*John 8:12 (Bible) | ** Matthew 5:14 (Bible) | ***Luke 6:36 (Bible)

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