The journey of Life

Getting help with road directions has changed a lot over the years. No more scribbled addresses or stopping by to ask  a stranger for help -  thanks to Google Maps! 

I relied on Google Maps a lot for my year long criss-crossing across India. It was of great help and here are three things I just loved about this app. One, the GPS told me where I was and gave me a reference and a starting point. Two, it directed me to my destination and even suggested the commute I could take to reach there. And three, it reminded me if I deviated from the prescribed track. Not only that, I am redirected to my desired destination.

I feel this is a great analogy for God's word, the Bible. Like the GPS, God through His word shows us where we really are - sinners deserving eternal punishment. But then the Bible also tells us about  God’s invitation to be with Him as His children forever - our eternal destination.

Jesus, who was God in flesh, declared "I am the way the truth and the life" - He is our map to eternal life.

Like the Google Maps, the Word of God will guide us and correct us till we reach our eternal home. So would you choose to accept this divine invitation and set out on this exciting journey?

I pray that God will be your compass and map as you navigate through the high seas of life.

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