The Book called Life

What makes a book great? There can be several answers to that question, but the key to a successful writing project is held by two people – the author and the editor. But have you ever thought about the story of your life? Who writes the scripts and can it be edited? 

Storytellers fascinate us. They can weave magic with words and leave us spellbound. We embark on a journey with the characters into the creative mind of the author. Interestingly, great authors have great editors too. Editors often work in the background to get the final draft ready. They correct the errors, maintain the story flow and design the layout. In fact, a good editor can make a story look even more beautiful than what the author wrote!

God, is the Author of Life. From breathtaking galaxies to intricately designed DNA, he is the epitome of creativity. Of all things God created, man was his Magnum Opus, his masterpiece. He scripted a great story for man, one filled with joy and peace. But man chose to rebel, he wanted to write his own story. Throughout history, man scripted a story with selfishness at its core.

The evil and suffering that we see around us is evidence of this script gone horribly wrong.

But God would not give up yet!

Jesus, who was God in human form, lived a perfect life and showed us what God’s original script for man looked like. Today God through Jesus, offers to edit our stories! Guilt and regrets from our past may haunt us, or our present realities may seem to bother us or our future may look bleak and uncertain.

Remember what Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end!”*  He knows our story and can edit our flaws! He will forgive the sins of our past, strengthen our present and give us a hope for the future.

Isn’t it amazing that the creator of the universe is interested in our lives? So the question remains, who is writing your story? Is it you or is it God?  

May we, in faith, entrust our life’s story into God’s hands because only he can make a beautiful ending!

*Revelation 1:8 (Bible)

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