Surrender – Making of a Republic

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

India became a free country on the 15th of August, 1947. The British had left, but a huge issue remained unsolved – we still were not a Republic.

With the end of the British rule, over 560 princely states became legally independent. Their rulers were given the choice to join India or Pakistan or rule on their own. For India, this was a serious problem, something that could threaten her very existence. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was entrusted the difficult task of negotiating with the rulers of these states. In the end, without a civil war, he was able to convince the rulers to surrender their rights and shift their loyalties to the Indian Republic.

Looking back after 60 years, not many would regret this decision of their leaders.

The Bible talks about a similar invitation. It is a call to join the Kingdom of God. Jesus, who was God in human form, said to his disciples, “Follow me”. Now, it did not mean just accepting him as a guru or a good leader; it meant acknowledging him as Lord and master of their lives. Here is the creator of the universe inviting us to trust his plans for our lives, and join his Kingdom. When God asks us to surrender our rights and follow him, he is not hungry for power, but on the contrary, he desires the best for our lives, like a loving Father.

Surrender hurts the ego. It may sound like weakness. But in the trade-off, if what we get is priceless, isn’t it worth it all?

I pray that you would consider this invitation to be part of a Kingdom that will last forever.

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