Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect. It’s a maxim that is true for most things we do! But does it apply to the deeper issues of life too? 

A musician friend of mine once shared his success mantra with me. It was about practice. He said that if he didn’t practice his instrument for a day, he could notice his flaws the very next day. If he skips practice for a week, his choir leader would take notice. Two weeks off and his band members would sense something is wrong. In a month’s, time his audience will start saying he has lost his touch!

It's a gradual decline, a slow fade!

Practice is the key to learning a new skill. But we all have that one thing we once used to loved to do but now somehow we’ve lost touch - it could be a sport, a musical instrument, a discipline or maybe even a recipe! So what happened? We stopped practicing. We lost interest in it or got occupied with something else.

What started as a casual neglect ended in total abandonment.

The God of the Bible is a God who communicates. In fact the Bible is a story of how God pursued man and conversed with him! He speaks to us even today, primarily through His Word! So a good question to ask then is, are we listening? Of course we all love to hear God’s voice when we are in our desperate times, but how about our daily lives?

Have we made a practice of meditating on the Bible and listening from Him?

With so many gadgets and activities trying to capture our attention, tuning in to God’s voice is becoming more and more difficult. We need to consciously choose to spend time daily with God, shutting off all other noises. The more we ignore this personal time, the more insensitive we become to God’s voice and finally as with a musician, we’ll simply lose touch.

King David prayed a beautiful prayer, “Open my eyes so that I can see all the wonderful things in your teachings.”*

May it be our prayer too. May we make it a practice to listen to God’s voice and grow in our relationship with Him.

* Psalms 119:18

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