Opinion Matters

Opinions. We have one for almost every issue under the sun; from politics to sports, from restaurants to brands. Our opinions though, often change over time. Is there something for which our opinion really matters?

Opinions matter. Take online shopping for example – we rely heavily on the reviews of others before finally deciding on a product. With the rise of social media, voicing one’s opinions is easier than ever before. Hardly any incident goes unnoticed or un-commented. On the flip side, prime-time news have become shouting matches, where debaters air their opinions at the top of their lungs.

Opinions grow into convictions, which in turn, leads to decisions.

Jesus once asked his disciples, “who do people say that I am?” – it was kind of an opinion poll! They replied that some people think of you as a revolutionary leader, some say that you are a miracle worker, while others think that you are a prophet. Then Jesus rephrased his question and asked them, “ who do you say that I am?” Peter, one of his disciples, replied, “You are the Christ”. This was more than an opinion, it was a conviction.

He realised that Jesus was not just a good teacher or a healer or a social reformer. He was the Messiah, the Lord.

The Bible declares that there is no other name than the name of Jesus, by which man can be saved from eternal judgement. That means, at some point of our lives, we all need to answer the question that Jesus asked, “Who do you say I am?”

So what is your opinion? What do you make of him – is he just a good teacher or is he something more?

I pray that you would find the right answers to these questions.

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