More than a Valentine!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Love! It’s a word we use everyday. We say, I love the food there! Or I love this dress! Love is in the air or simply, I love you! So, what is love? And is there something called “true love”? 

The world glamorizes love and come February 14, the buzz reaches its peak. Sadly, in reality, most relationships are built looking at the benefits one gets out of it: call it preoccupation with self or more plainly, selfishness. Renowned writer, C.S Lewis, in his book Four Loves, draws distinction between the four different greek words for love – storge, phileo, eros and agape. The first three refer to the love one has for the things that he likes, his friends and his spouse. The fourth word, agape, is really really different! It denotes an unselfish, unconditional love, desiring only the good of the one being loved. Sounds radical, isn’t it?

The Bible uses the word agape to describe God’s love; in fact the Bible declares, God is agape. The other three loves are possible only when the object of love deserves it, but God loved man even when he was sinful and unworthy of His love.

Jesus said, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends”, and he did that on the cross – that’s true love, that’s agape!

The world around us desperately needs more of this agape love. We, with our limitations, are incapable of generating such lofty selfless love. We need to depend on a source that is beyond us, God himself. He is inviting us to experience his infinite love through faith in Jesus.

I pray that we become channels of this agape love and be more than just a valentine to the world around us!

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