The CEO of a successful company was once asked, “Whom do you fear the most?” He smiled and replied, “Well, it’s one young lady; she is called Miss Communication!” He’s right.

Lack of communication is the source of lot of our problems. 

Communication is key for human existence. In the past two decades, mobile phones have revolutionised the way we communicate. According to TRAI sources, the number of mobile phone users in India has touched one billion. Our dependence on cell phones is increasing and so is the number of unsuccessful calls! We’ve all heard these regret messages – “the user is busy on another call or the subscriber is out of coverage area or the phone is switched off.” It can be frustrating, especially when something urgent needs to be communicated.

On a broader scale, miscommunication affects relationships – be it between countries, communities, families or individuals. But most importantly, it affects the connect with our creator.  

Jesus once said, “He who has ears, let him hear”.

Many who heard him speak had preoccupied minds. Some had switched off their attention while others decided to ignore Jesus altogether. Sadly, in doing so, all of them missed out on the purposes of God for their lives.

The Bible is a story of how God communicates with man and intervenes in his life.

He is still communicating today, but are we listening? Have we become too busy that we hardly have any time for him? Have we strayed far away that we feel we are beyond his reach? Or did we choose to switch off all lines of communication with him?  

God is eagerly waiting to communicate with us. I pray that we have ears that truly hear!

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