Is Faith Blind?

Flying is an amazing experience! The exhilarating take off, the steady cruise at high altitudes and the jerky landing; it sure is an exciting way to travel. Have you ever wondered why most passengers remain peaceful throughout the flight, despite the huge potential risks involved?

First time flying can be a frightful experience for a first timer! The thought of being strapped in 100 tonne flying "demon" cruising at 36,000 feet above sea level can send shivers down anyone’s spine! Yet frequent flyers sleep comfortably knowing that they are in safe hands. They seem to have faith in the Captain. Do they do this blindly? No, they have good reasons to believe this!

Statistics prove that air travel is safer than road or railways. The aviation industry have some of the strictest safety procedures which builds the confidence of the passengers. The pilots undergo rigorous training and are extremely skilled in handling emergencies. All these reasons helps us to take the captain at his word when he announces, "sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!"

Faith in God is scoffed at, as a blind belief in a fairy story or wishful thinking. Really? Do we have to kiss our brains goodbye to believe in God and in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word which became flesh and dwelt among us? Are there enough reasons to take the Bible seriously? These are questions worth exploring! Here are three reasons that make the Christian faith believable.

Firstly, the facts of the Bible are adequately verifiable. In fact the Bible is the most critiqued book in history but it has withstood all its criticisms. The dates, the places, the people and the events in the Bible are all part of history and can be verifiable using standard tools.

Over 300 predictions about the life of Jesus, made hundreds of years before his birth, came true. It is a mathematical impossibility, unless of course, he was God in human form.

Secondly, there is a logical consistency in the story of the Bible. The book traces the start of the human race through the rise and fall of civilizations and kingdoms. The story also describes the life and times of Jesus and his early followers and ends with a description of the future of the world. There is a common thread that flows through the book.

The Bible in general and the life of Jesus in particular, reveals the character and purpose of God. It remains the same yesterday, today and forever.

Thirdly, the words of Christ are still relevant. Thousands around the world have experienced life changing transformations through faith in Jesus.  The timeless principles of the Bible continues to influence man today.

It is not just a historical document, it is a living Book that breathes life.

So then it is not a blind faith that God is calling us into - the facts are verifiable, the flow is consistent and the words of Christ still relevant.  

Ravi Zacharias puts it well when he says, “God has put enough into this world to make faith in Him a most reasonable thing. But He has left enough out to make it impossible to live by sheer reason alone.”

Trust in God is not a leap into the darkness but falling into the secure arms of a loving father! I pray that you consider Christ, as putting faith in him, is only a reasonable thing to do!  

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