Deadly Duplicates

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Have you ever pulled a 500 rupee note from your wallet to pay a bill only to find that it was a duplicate? It can be devastating! We feel cheated and duped. More than a personal loss, it is a loss for the nation. 

The issue of black money became a topic of nationwide discussion after the ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes. One of the reasons that led to the ban was the widespread circulation of counterfeit or duplicate notes. Economists say that counterfeiting could lead to serious consequences like inflation, black marketing, and corruption. It was also found to be the major source of funding for terrorist activities in the country. Eventually, people to lose their confidence in paper money and even the nation’s economy.

Counterfeit money is designed to deceive. The closer it looks like the original, the more we get deceived. But when the duplicity is finally found out, all that remains is a worthless piece of paper and an overwhelming sense of disappointment.

Long time ago, in a beautiful garden, the first man, Adam, was offered a counterfeit; the deceiver told him “ this; and you shall be like God!”* – it was a statement that seemed like the truth! Adam believed the lie and his spiritual economy came crashing down!

Ever since that fall, the story of mankind has been the that of a battle – a battle between light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, real vs. counterfeit.

Even in our own lives, we have to make daily choices, like –  Should I forgive or do I fight? Can I have faith or should I be anxious? Must I give in or wait till marriage? Isn’t cheating more rewarding than being honest? The real question is whether I transact business using God’s currency of truth or the devil’s currency of lies?

With so many confusing voices around us, we need to remind ourselves about God’s eternal standards through the Bible. It is the firm foundation on which we can stand.

A retired bank clerk was once asked, “How do you detect fake notes so easily”? “It’s simple”, he smiled and replied, “I know the good notes really well!” Be it in economics or daily life, the key to avoiding the deadly duplicates is to know the truth and the truth will set us free!

*Gen 3:5

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