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News. We read it in papers, watch it on TV and scroll through it on our phones. News can make us happy and at times hurt us too. But is there a news that is good for all people of all times? 

Isn’t it interesting that the same news can be perceived in different ways by different people? When India won the inaugural T20 world cup, there was jubilation across the country but heartbreaks in Pakistan. But most news we hear may not affect our lives directly and even if they do, the effects fade off very quickly.

God’s word, the Bible, talks about a bad news that affects all of humanity. It is Sin; that thing that prompts us to do what is evil and prevents us from doing what is good.

In fact, Sin within man is the root cause of all the bad news around us; be it rape or murder, terrorism or corruption, injustice or riots, pride or greed.

We have all sinned in some way and offended our Holy Creator and so we deserve his punishment. This is the worst news we can ever hear. Thankfully, the Bible doesn’t stop with that. God did something about it. He stepped in!

Jesus came into this world to set right the problem of sin. He lived a perfect life and offered himself as the sacrifice for our sins.

The Bible says everyone who puts his trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, will become the children of God.

That is the best news ever told! So no matter what the news says tomorrow, be sure to respond to this one.

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