Attitude of Gratitude

“I thank everyone who worked behind the scenes to make this program a success!” We keep hearing this during the Vote of Thanks after every event! But there are hundreds of people who make each of our days possible.

I was sitting at the Bangalore airport waiting for my flight to Kolkata. The weekend rush was on. With some time in my hands, I set out on a casual stroll in the airport. I thought of all the people who worked there. The security guards outside, the Airline staff at the check-in counters, body scanners and baggage handlers, the ground staff and the air-traffic controllers, the cabin crew and the pilots; it’s a long list and each one of them is indispensable for a safe and comfortable flight.

During take off, I looked out of my window; indeed a lot of people had worked “behind the scenes”!

Not everyone flies everyday, but we still need people to make our day possible. Newsboys, sanitation workers, transportation operators, vegetable vendors, shop owners, co-workers, friends, family; it’s way too many to count. Some provide an essential service while others give a smile or a word of encouragement; in short, we need everyone else.

But sadly, we live in a society where the trend is to love things and use people and so a “Thank you” becomes a mere formality.

God is the giver of all good things* but he chooses to use man to deliver His goodness! So when we receive a good service or an act of kindness from another, we need to thank God and also the person who did it for us. It must become an attitude, an attitude of gratitude!

So shall we pause to think of all the people who make each of our days possible? Whose faces come to your mind? Have you thanked them of late?

Go ahead, thank someone the next time you meet them! Give a warm handshake or a hug or a thumbs up or simply a smile because gratitude is a contagious virtue!

*James 1:17

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