Am I Beautiful?

When you look at the mirror, do you like what you see? Isn’t there always that one thing that you’d love to change? Maybe your complexion, height, hair or the marks on your face. Hold on! There is more to beauty than what meets the eye!

Beauty concepts for an Indian girl is often stereotypical - you have to be fair, thin, and tall. If a girl fails to meet any one of these “requirements”, she feels dejected. No wonder the Indian cosmetic industry has an annual growth rate of 15% and is projected to be a 18,000 crore business by 2020. From fairness creams to bridal makeup; from threading to manicures, we love to look good when we step outside. Men too are not far behind! If we take a closer look, we’ll find the reason behind this frenzy.

There is a growing sense of insecurity among young women about the way they look. The media has created a false idea of beauty which is unrealistic. The models on screen become the definition of beauty and an average girl struggles to keep up. The need for appreciation leads to desperation, leading to more cosmetics and ends up in disappointment; it is a vicious cycle.

So if it’s not the media that should set the standard, then who should?

The Bible tells us that man is created in the image of God* - that’s our basic identity. At the root of insecurity lies sin. Sin tarnished the image of God within us and made us all insecure.

If we look within us, we’ll find that our souls needs a desperate makeover.

Jesus, who was God in human form, showed us what the original image looked like. He is the epitome of compassion, love and goodness. God desires to restore us back to this original beauty through Jesus. He loves us despite our flaws and wrinkles caused by sin.

Christ is ready to cleanse the blemishes of our soul and offers us his beauty in exchange of our ugly sins.

I pray that you will define your self worth not by what the media tells you but by what your creator calls you, His beloved. So when you look at the mirror next time, look into your eyes and tell yourself, “I am created in the Image of God and I am beautiful!

*Genesis 1:26 (Bible)

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