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Most of us would have seen an error message which reads, “​ 404, page not found”​ , while using the internet. The data that was once there is now missing! Wouldn’t it be awesome if all our past mistakes were similarly deleted?

In this digital age, websites are an integral part of our lives. We use it for almost everything from shopping online to catching up with friends to watching videos. All the data available online is stored in memory locations called servers. ​ Error 404 ​ occurs when we try to visit a page of the website, whose content has been deleted. Only the owner of the website can restore the content.

We often carry regrets from the past; regrets about things we did and should not have done or about things that were left undone. The Bible says that man is formed in the image of God and so every crime against our fellow humans is an act against God, be it by words or deeds. In addition to our wronging other people, we have sinned against God himself. God never desires us to live a life filled with guilt and fear.

Forgiveness is available through Jesus Christ; all we need is to ask him.

He offers to erase our past and give us a clean slate – a brand new start! In other words, God is willing to delete our sins page from his server forever!

An old Hebrew songs says, ​ “​ Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.”

God is inviting us to this blessed life, one that is free from guilt of the past and filled with a bright hope for the future.

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