What is Margdeep?

Margdeep is a media initiative dedicated to present the timeless truths of the Bible for the modern Indian audience. What started as an audio podcast in early 2016 diversified into a multimedia presentation of gospel truths.

Margdeep is made up of two sanskrit words 'marg' which means way and 'deep' which means an earthen lamp. Together the word refers to a light that guides someone on his path. We all are on this journey called life, traveling towards fulfilling our dreams, achieving our goals and and unraveling our destiny. But we often find ourselves stuck at life's junctions, groping in the dark, unable to make the right choices.

We at Margdeep, are a small team collaborating remotely to create content.  Some of us help in doing research, some in writing and editing scripts. We also have a few volunteers who help in editing videos. The joy of knowing Jesus and the desire to make Him known motivates us to keep going. We want to keep creating quality Christian content relevant for the Indian audience. In the near future, we hope to convert some of the blogs into short videos.

Our Resources

  Give it a Thought! 

Give it a Thought! presents the timeless truths of the Bible using contemporary analogies.  Each post engages the reader to consider the life and work of Jesus Christ. We firmly believe that the life of Jesus is relevant today than ever before! 


 Beautiful Feet 

"Go into all the world" was Jesus' last command to his disciples. And so they did! Beautiful Feet remembers the missionaries who not only proclaimed the gospel but to the great nation of India.  

 The Chronicles 

We all love stories. Some make us laugh, some make us cry. Some make us think and some inspire and motivate us. The Chronicles is a collection of inspiring stories from around the world with a practical life application.  


The Bible is a storehouse of wisdom and truth. SpotLight is a collection of devotionals for daily living. Each post sheds light on one verse/ incident/ theme in the Bible and presents a contextually relevant life application.

Meet the Team



Video Editing

Davis Abraham

Swapna Merlin

Ryan Phillips

Salome Mary Thomas

Jiby Jose

Roshni Cherian

Jobin Daniel John

Johann Saju Koshy


Mitha Thomas

Christa Prasad

Sonia John

Paul George Koshy

Jessan Biju

Mario Peter

... and scores of
well-wishers too!

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